Glen Road Community Garden

An Update With the Community Garden

Pleased to report that the Garden has been mulched, pruned and is now settling into the autumn season.  Unfortunately one of the 5 apple trees in the garden succumbed to a nasty fungus and had to be removed by forestry.  Its sister tree doesn’t look so good but Sean, the arborist,  suggested we give it a chance to recover over the winter.  He warned that we’d have to be sure to clear any fallen leaves from around it to keep it healthy.

There was a bumper crop of apples this year and I saw a lot of people helping themselves to the harvest, even a sweet little old lady in a burka filling up a basket.

The split rail fence has been repaired and hopefully gives the garden a rustic, woodland look. Will try to get some flowering plants like cone flowers, brown eyed Susans and sunflowers added to the site to bloom next year.  It’s a shame to think of the garden being clear cut as it provides the commuters using the subway a chance to have a natural woodland experience. The canopy of the 2 white mulberry trees in the garden was a godsend, cooling the street during the heat waves we had this past summer.

We have 2 years to try and convince the City to let it be.

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