Follow Up To The Council Webex Meeting

Hello All,

Just a follow-up on the Webex meeting and the feedback forms.

When we first found out about the Redesign plan for South Glen Road (city pdf presentation) we stressed that our major concerns were for safety and to preserve the Heritage feel of the neighborhood.

There were many issues of concern that weren’t able to be discussed at the meeting with the Design Team controlling the mute. That includes the very important issue of Heritage preservation concerns and the historical significance of the area. We represent the last vestige of the old neighborhood that was bulldozed to build St. Jamestown. When we speak of concern about maintaining the integrity of the neighborhood that includes preserving this legacy of a lost era of Toronto’s history.

How out of touch the Design Team is to the Community is obvious in the chosen mural art work. $275,000 worth of flying Arctic birds and sleeping sled dogs has no relevance to our area and in no way acknowledges the historical significance of Glen Road South. The lack of any consideration for our Community, thought or care in choosing that mural design is highly apparent.

Please consider this important enough to refer to in your feedback.

Thank you,

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